Hello, and welcome! To freshmen joining Berkeley, congratulations! Get ready for the craziest 4 years of your life.

To all of you, welcome to your amazing journey through 61A.

First and Foremost

Here's my email: [email protected]. Please, please, please reach out. I can't help you if I don't know you need help.

The Purpose

The point of 61A is to make you great thinkers of Computer Science first, and great programmers second.

The concepts are hard and abstract and, gotta be honest, occassionally annoying. My hope is for you to see how this class is the foundation on which your CS journey is based.


Check out Lecture 0 for more.

You may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of activities that 61A has. Word of advise – don't worry, you're not expected to do all of them. The purpose of this overflow of info is not to scare you away but to let you know that you have as much support as you need and more.

My Approach

Throughout our discussions, I hope to:

And, of course,

Closing Notes